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IV Therapy has quickly become one of the top ways to help fight several ailments from fatigue, stress, and anxiety, to a weakened immune system and even hangovers. Royalty Care Med Spa’s blends include a wide variety of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to help you reach optimal health.

Everyone has different wellness goals, so our highly trained team personalizes your service for ideal benefits. Our various blends of both vitamins and minerals are designed to meet your individual needs, no matter what they are.

Our IV Blends Include:

Royal Tranquil

Do you have problems concentrating or have too much stress in your life?

This IV is a mental health formula with anti-stress protocols. They are also formulated to help with migraines and headaches.

Royally Glow

Are you looking to hide the signs of aging with some added glow?

These anti-aging protocols will help you shine.

Royal Detox

Is it taking you too long to lose those pounds?

This treatment accelerates weight loss.

Royally Fit

Do you need that extra edge on the competition to stand out on the field or at the gym?

This treatment enhances performance, is an energy-booster, and encourages quicker recovery.

Royal Immunity

Do you get sick after you travel, or maybe weather changes make you cough and sniffle?

Prevent and shorten colds with this treatment.

Royal Recovery

Always on the go, or you're the life of the party?

Maybe you need help recovering from a severe disease. This treatment is for busy entrepreneurs, hangovers, and post-treatment recovery after chemo or those in remission.

Royal Boost

Just need a quick

Royal Boost?

Royal Shots are a great way to boost your immune system. These shots are designed to enhance the effects of your Royal IV treatments.


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Start on your path to taking care of your mind and body. From Anti-aging to IV Therapy to weight control services, Royalty Care Med Spa has treatments to fit every wellness goal.

Our goal is to make sure every client that walks through our door is comfortable, happy, and receives top of the line services. Please review the forms below for more information.

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