How To Slow Down Aging


Let’s take it slow when it comes to aging. How to stay younger looking, longer.

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April 25, 2021

How To Slow Down Aging

How to Slow Down Aging

Are you ready to slow down aging? No, we haven’t discovered the fountain of youth, but who wants to jump into a fountain anyway?

There’s no miracle pill, cream or treatment to permanently stop aging now, but there are many tips and tricks that can help you slow the progression of aging skin and get it back to its youthful glow!

How Does the Skin Age?

When we are young our body produces proteins and other important elements that contribute to healthy, youthful, wrinkle-free skin. When we age our body stops producing these important components at a regular rate and therefore our body will start to break down.

Do you ever see a child or teen with wrinkles or sagging skin? Not likely, this is because they have strong collagen fibers which act scaffolding in the middle layer of the skin that promotes strengths and elasticity. When the collagen starts to break down, the skin will start to sag and wrinkle.

What Else Causes Aging Skin?

Factors outside of the body can add to the progression of aging skin and can age you faster when combined with getting older and genetic factors.


Environmental factors can affect the way our bodies age. Sun damage, air pollution and smoke create free radicals that enter into your skin and wreak havoc.


Foods high in bad fat, sodium and sugar can also lead to poor skin outcomes. Acne, skin irritation, deeper wrinkles and stretch marks are some of what can happen with a poor diet.


Not drinking enough water. Dehydration can cause a lot of health problems, not just with the skin. However when your skin is not hydrated properly it will look dull and dry and can become flaky. Lips will become cracked and chapped easily and lines and wrinkles will look more harsh on your face.

Sleep and Stress

Those bags under your eyes didn’t appear overnight (well they did, but it took a while). Stress and tension literally show on our faces. Frown lines, forehead wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes will make you look older and worn out, which is not a good look.

Let’s Take It Slow

Now that we know some of the factors that lead to aging skin, beyond natural aging, let’s take a look at how to slow the progression and keep you looking healthy and youthful!

Diet & Exercise

Eating foods packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will help boost your collagen production, skin elasticity and structure. Exercising at least 3 times a week keeps your body at peak fitness when combined with a healthy diet. Yoga, Pilates and walking will keep you agile and flexible.

Your body will thank you by giving you a glowing complexion and healthy insides too!

Staying Hydrated

60% of our bodies are made up of…WATER. We’ve all heard this before. Drinking at least 64 oz (8 glasses) of water a day will help keep your body hydrated and happy. If you exercise or are outdoors, your body will lose more water due to sweat, so make sure to drink more when you’re outside!

For an extra dose of hydration you can visit a med spa for some IV Hydration Therapy! Specially formulated blends packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants mixed with water are designed to meet various needs such as dehydration and healthy skin. Want to learn more about IV Therapy? Review our latest blog called “What is IV Therapy” for a more detailed description.

Relieve Stress & Get Some Rest!

Adding even one extra hour of sleep per night can be hugely beneficial to your skin. While we sleep our bodies repair themselves and regenerate new skin cells and heal from the day before. When you are properly rested your skin will also look rested! No puffy eye bags or dark under eye circles.

If you’re stressed or feeling tense try meditation, a walk or even schedule a massage. Releasing the stress and tension in your body will give it a chance to relax and repair.

Plan a Spa Day!

Spas aren’t just for fun. There is a reason they exist and that reason is to provide a way to slow down the aging process. Vitamin C peels, facials, dermaplaning, injections and fillers can help you look and feel younger. Some spas will offer guidance in nutrition and overall health wellness as well.

A day at the spa will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced with a glowing complexion and youthful look!

Visit Royalty Care Med Spa

When you’re ready to plan that day, visit us here at Royalty Care Med Spa in Plantation, Florida. We are a top Ft. Lauderdale, FL med spa and we even offer a concierge service where we bring the spa to you!

Call us today to schedule your day and slow down the aging process!

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